Astronomers make writing sf tougher

Trying to write sf about exploring a few nearby stars. Apparently, the mechanics of Tau Ceti are reasonably nailed down, with five planets deduced from data of the star. It had to be a lot easier fictionalizing planets of nearby stars before the bleeping astronomers could actually find them!

Universe Building the Empire: Step Two

The prior step ended with the realization that not only did government have to be minimalist, and consciously so, it had to be composed of people who would be paying a personal price if it – or they – failed. How do you do that? One constant of the people who make country- and civilization-killing … Read more

Universe Building The Empire: Step One

In the late 1970s, it became fashionable to bash the large scale stellar states that featured so prominently in science fiction. It was “plainly impossible” and exhibit A was always the writer’s preconception of what government did: Social work and industrial boards of this and that and regulations concerning the use of typewriters and television … Read more


Another historical post I can’t not bring up – a tribute to a former packmate March 25, 1993 – July 19, 2008 Just got home from running a couple of errands, and when we got back, Mellon was dead. She was fifteen years old, and not in good health, so I’m not all that surprised, … Read more

House Thing

Going back over the archives for posts to port, this is one I can’t leave behind – a tribute to my heart dog November 18, 1992 to January 6, 2007 Thing was a gift to me from my step-mother, but it would be more accurate to say that he gave himself freely. He spent fourteen … Read more

Dan Melson’s Novels and Where To Buy Them

My Books are available in both paperback and e-book through Amazon and Books2Read, which covers retailers Apple, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten/Kobo, Everand, Thalia, Smashwords, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Vivlio, Mondadori, Hoopla, Palace Marketplace, and library services such as Overdrive and Biblioteca, Simply click on the Books2Read link, and from there, choose your retailer or library … Read more

Result of Attack

Recently, the page was attacked by people trying to send out spam. Evidently, Movable Type of the version I had is vulnerable, and updating within Movable Type is severely costly. The solution is I will have to move things to Word Press. It’s going to take a while to get the old articles up. You’ll … Read more