Dan Melson’s Novels and Where To Buy Them

My Books are available in both paperback and e-book through Amazon and Books2Read, which covers retailers Apple, Barnes & Noble, Rakuten/Kobo, Everand, Thalia, Smashwords, Indigo, Angus & Robertson, Vivlio, Mondadori, Hoopla, Palace Marketplace, and library services such as Overdrive and Biblioteca, Simply click on the Books2Read link, and from there, choose your retailer or library service.

Science Fiction

Empire of Humanity Setting

Rediscovery (complete series, viewpoint character Graciela Juarez di Scimtar aka Grace): 1) The Man From Empire Amazon Books2Read 2) A Guardian From Earth Amazon Books2Read 3) Empire and Earth Amazon Books2Read 4) Working The Trenches Amazon Books2Read Omnibus Edition (4 novels) Amazon Books2Read

Preparations For War (complete series, viewpoint character Joseph Bernard): 1) Preparing The Ground Amazon Books2Read 2) Building The People Amazon Books2Read 3) Setting The Board Amazon Books2Read 4) Moving The Pieces Amazon Books2Read

Politics Of Empire (complete series, viewpoint character Graciela Juarez di Scimtar aka Grace): 1) The Invention Of Motherhood Amazon Books2Read 2) The Price Of Power Amazon Books2Read 3) End Of Childhood Amazon Books2Read 4) Measure Of Adulthood Amazon Books2Read


Connected Worlds (in progress, viewpoint character Alexan) 1) The Fountains Of Aescalon Amazon Books2Read 2) The Monad Trap Amazon Books2Read (Third and final planned book is main project right now)

Gates To Faerie (in progress, viewpoint character Mark Jackson) 1) The Gates To Faerie Amazon Books2Read 2) Gifts Of The Mother Amazon Books2Read (This is an indefinite series, I am planning at least three more)


What Consumers Need To Know About Mortgages Amazon Books2Read

What Consumers Need To Know About Buying Real Estate Amazon Books2Read

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